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What is the Simple Guy Diet?

The Simple Guy Diet is a fantastic way to start to lose weight.

The Simple Guy is it is my own personal success story. It is a low cost, low effort framework to improve your overall health. My personal goal was to lose about 10% (20 pounds) of my body weight. My success and that of others are real, satisfying and sustainable.

For me, work and life seem to get in the way of my personal health, so I needed to keep things super simple to succeed. I did not want to have the obligation or the cost associated with most high profile I created my own.

This weight loss method is based on common sense and no one telling you what to do. It delivers advise on how weight loss can be fun, low cost while leaving you in absolute control.

Join the Simple Guy revolution and start to change your life today!! The cost for the book is only $12.99 and will ultimately return your investment in no time at all!!

I look forward to hearing about YOUR success in the very near future!!

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It only will take 30 days for your habits and weight to change dramatically. Make this small commitment, and everything else will fall into place.


Five simple things to do to get you on the road to eating better and losing weight fast.

The key to the Simple Guy Diet: the easy food choices that will make all the difference. Simple Guy finds the foods that fit your lifestyle and schedule to ensure your success.

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A scale is nothing to be afraid of! Simple Guy shows you how a digital scale can help in your success, and motivate you to keep making better eating choices.


The monetary benefits of the Simple Guy diet… no need for expensive diet food or supplements. Lose weight and save money the Simple Guy way.


Don’t kill yourself with exercise… Simple Guy has a no-sweat solution that will get you moving, and enjoy your surroundings!




Alright – so it all sounds great so far. The Simple Guy has found his “holy grail” of dieting. It all sounds too good to be true, right? Well, Simple Guy has the answer; he just asks one thing in return, $12.99. Hey, it’s less than you’d spend on a half rack of ribs or a large pie from your favorite pizza joint. So, take the plunge. You’ll be amazed at what the Simple Guy has to say, and more importantly, how it will change your life from day one.