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People often ask my why I created the Simple Guy Diet. It was part out of personal need, part sharing my success, part creating accessibility to friends and family and part based on inspiration from a couple of business books I read years ago.

Have you ever read the books FISH! (Stephen Lundin) or The One Minute Manager (Ken Blanchard)? They are two wonderfully short, yet profound, business related books; one about organizational development and the other about general leadership. Neither book will make you a specialist on either topic, but what each will do, is share a story or two for you to adapt into your own world. Rather than “how to”, The One Minute Manager and FISH! focus on the sharing of business situations that will hopefully inspire you to think differently and potentially find new solutions which lead to change. On a personal level, the style of each of these books really clicked for me…and I believe, to the millions of others who read them.

The “voice” and the message of The Simple Guy Diet is somewhat the same. The Simple Guy Diet is a story of a real person, me, and my simplified approach to lowering the number on my bathroom scale. This is NOT a step by step “how to” diet book chock-a-block full of recipes, but rather, a “one guy to another story” respecting both your precious time and hard earned money.

Please enjoy this quick read and apply it to your own life and unique set of circumstances. With a small and focused commitment, you will be happily taking your first step to a healthier you!!

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