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I am a pathetically average 50-something male. I have a job, a wife, two kids, a house and a small yard to mow.

I weighed just under 180 pounds when I graduated college and, over time, I slowly worked my way up to 212.....that works out to about a pound a year of gain. I have always been healthy and have no medical issues....again, just pathetically normal.

My wife is smarter, more disciplined and a better athlete than me. Last year, on her birthday, she decided to start a slight lifestyle change to lose a bit of weight.

She forked over a small recurring monthly fee for some famous internet diet program and immediately started to assign "points" to everything she consumed. She joined an online group and rallied some of her friends to start walking with her every day. This sounded crappy to me....everything she was doing sounded like work, and thus, I had no interest in mirroring her strategy.

In my small-minded way, I decided to focus on a couple super-simple food adjustments just to see what would happen. With virtually no effort in my first three months, I lost seven pounds in month one.....the next month four more pounds and then three additional pounds fell off. No pills, no books, no counting points, no gym membership, no equipment to buy....just simple self-managed changes. Now, after six months, I am a full 20 pounds off of my starting weight and in love with this low-effort process!

Many of my friends and co-workers ask me how this happened. They invite me to lunch or for a cup of coffee to have a little "one on one time" to extract the magic of my weight loss. So, what I have decided to do, is spend some time to have a website created and populate it with simple information to better share my success. I painfully made the decision to charge a one-time fee of $12.99 to offset my investment....heck, that less than a half rack of ribs would set you back or a large pie from your favorite pizza joint. Please enjoy the information and the adventure of this simple and successful weight loss experience.



Simple Guys Unite!

The Simple Guy has helped people lose weight around the world. Here are a few comments....

All the way in the UK

"I like the low investment of time, money and effort to get surprisingly good results."
Simon - Manchester

Southwest Style

"I tried to lose weight many different ways, but this worked (and still is) for me."
Alan - Phoenix